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Albert Bierstadt - Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast, 1870


Finally I know the name of the art piece that I have been staring at across the room in AP Art History for half the semester. I had asked Dr. Mooney about it but he failed to give me the name of it. The only key words I picked up from him about it earlier were Americas, Seattle, 1800-1900s, Pacific Ocean. I couldn’t find the painting in our textbook or online. So I had to wait until we actually learned about it. Well, it’s on our list of art this week (for Romanticism) so he’s finally going to show it to us!

This is probably my favorite painting ever. Other people would probably say it was boring - just another landscape - but I see true awesome in it. The waves. The rumbling, stacked up clouds. And then the sun, breaking through. Escaping the storm, onto a brand new paradise. Misty mountain peaks. And OH MY GOODNESS, the WAVES! I don’t why I really love those waves. They’re so realistic, so.. how-I-became-the-sea like. I can hear them crash. Just like I always hear them crash when I listen to How I Became the Sea.

Now that is art. He’s painted a bunch more wonder-strikingly picturesque landscapes. Bierstadt is officially my favorite artist.

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